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Learn how the country’s Best Dental Practices achieve more than 15X return on their marketing spend and how you can achieve similar results in as little as 90 days. Start with a discovery call.
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Discover the Dental Industry’s Best Practices

90% of practices that use Microsite Health’s Smart Dental Marketing System™ realize a 5x ROI in 90 Days or less. Work with the industry’s best.


in Charlotte, NC

With Microsite Health, Dr. Christian Yaste has enjoyed 5 straight record-breaking years to become the top implant dentist in Charlotte, NC.


Highly efficient, lead-generation efforts focus on identifying high-value prospects based on their digital behavior. The Microsite Health system uses digital tools and proprietary techniques to locate anonymous “shoppers” in your market – i.e., new-patient prospects looking for an immediate solution – and attract them to your website to convert them into known lead opportunities coming to your office.
#1 in Chicago. With Microsite Health, Dr. Amarik Singh, an independent dental implant periodontist, beat well-known national advertisers to become the Top Implant provider in the Windy City.


The Microsite Lead Conversion Website acts as your 24-Hour Digital Salesperson. The Microsite (or website) is your most important selling and lead-conversion tool. Its primary purpose is to convey your sales pitch with the right words, images, and communication flow. Every page is a landing page where the engagement and conversion rates are tracked and optimized.
#1 in Nashville. Dr. Steven Park had just purchased a practice with $0 dental implant sales when he hired Microsite Health. Within 3 months, he was averaging 5 implants per month. By year 3, he was dominating the implant market, enjoying a 15X return on his marketing investment.

Sales Coaching

Your team receives one-on-one live coaching from the #1 Closer at the Top Dental Implant DSO. Whether your team is challenged in general to convert opportunities into patients or you’d like to accelerate the development of high-potential team members, everyone can benefit from the one-on-one sales coaching provided by one of the industry’s premier thought leaders. Microsite Academy, an online instructor-led skill development program, supports the live training and removes some of the time-consuming teaching burdens from doctors.
#1 in Beverly Hills. With the Microsite Health marketing system, Dr. Ebrahimian has grown from placing 3-5 implants per month to 30+ and become the top independent dentist in the greater north LA area.


Custom-built customer relationship management (CRM) software tracks and manages every lead throughout the new patient journey. The easy-to-use software provides doctors and their team real-time marketing data and new-patient status. Tracking every person and click allows us to analyze key performance indicators crucial to your practice's marketing efficiency and success.
Top in Alabama. Not every successful practice has to be located in a major metro market. Koplon Dentistry went from placing 2-3 implants per month to 20+ while maintaining an office in Leeds, Alabama, with a population of 12,900.

Work with a team of industry experts

When you partner with Microsite Health, you team up with some of the industry’s best, most accomplished minds who have worked in dental offices alongside doctors and do, in fact, “speak Dental.” This team executes your complete sales and marketing strategy. You consult and review strategy, tactis, and results with a Senior Account Executive.

Microsite Health Success Stories

Since its founding in 2007, Microsite Health has helped 1000s of dental practices achieve enormous success. But don’t just take our word for it. Watch what our clients have to say. To learn how Microsite Health can help you achieve business-changing results, book a discovery call:
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90% of practices that use the Smart Dental Marketing System have 5x ROI in 90 Days or less.

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