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Learn how the country’s Best Dental Practices achieve more than 15X return on their marketing spend and how you can achieve similar results with the 90-Day 5X ROI Challenge

5X ROI in 90 Days or Less. Guaranteed.

Take the 90-Day Challenge: Use Microsite Health’s Smart Dental Marketing System™ and achieve a 5X ROI in 90 or less from the start of advertising. Guaranteed. Schedule your discovery call to learn more and see if the 90-Day Challenge is right for your office.


in Charlotte, NC

With Microsite Health’s Smart System, Dr. Christian Yaste of Ballantyne Dentistry has enjoyed 5 straight record-breaking years to become the top implant dentist in Charlotte, NC.


in North, NJ

By switching to the Microsite Health’s Smart System, Dr. Adam Kimowitz, an independent dental implant-focused surgeon, doubled his ROI and began outperforming well-known national advertisers to become the Top Implant provider in the Northern New Jersey.


in Nashville, TN

When he hired Microsite Health, Dr. Steven Park had just purchased a practice with $0 dental implant sales. Within 3 months, he was averaging 5 implants per month. By year 3, he dominated the implant market, enjoying a 15X return on his marketing investment.


in Beverly Hills

With Microsite Health’s Smart System, Dr. Sean Ebrahimian (“Dr. E”) has grown from placing 3-5 implants per month to 30+ and becoming the top independent dental implant dentist in North Los Angeles.

Microsite Health’s Smart Dental Marketing System™

Attract. Qualify. Schedule. Close.
This data-driven, system-based approach to generating new patients does it all. Schedule your discovery call to learn more and see if the 90-Day Challenge is right for your office. Or keep scrolling to discover the details behind the Dental Industry’s Best Practices.

What are the Best Practices?

When you partner with Microsite Health, you onboard the best sales and marketing strategies, tools, experience, and expertise. You work with a team that knows dental like no other marketing company in the space – and one of the primary reasons our clients are, truly, the best practices in their markets.

Work with a team of industry experts

Your Microsite team includes some of the industry’s best, most accomplished minds who have worked in dental offices alongside doctors and do, in fact, “speak Dental.” This team creates and executes your sales and marketing strategy. You'll meet with this team regularly to assess and plan.

Microsite Health Success Stories

Since its founding in 2007, Microsite Health has helped 1000s of dental practices achieve enormous success. But don’t just take our word for it. Watch what our clients have to say. To learn how Microsite Health can help you achieve business-changing results, book a discovery call:
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Take the 90-Day 5X ROI Challenge.

95% of practices that use the Smart Dental Marketing System have 5x ROI in 90 Days or less.
To see if the 90-Day Challenge is right for your office, schedule a Discovery Call with a Dental Business Growth Expert. They'll review the best practices and solutions to fit your needs and budget. If it sounds right, you can choose to move forward and transform your business in as little as 90 days.
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